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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Sam knew it was hard to go back to the office after a vacation. He knew it was even more difficult when that vacation was on an exotic tropical island. Sam’s trip to Exchange Island compounded the difficulty even further by placing his mind into the body of a gorgeous woman for the duration of his trip. It was only his second day here, and he was already dreading having to leave in two weeks. If only he could stay here forever in this body, it would be a dream come true. He knew that was impossible; he knew the contracts he had signed when he came, promising to return this body at the end of this vacation. But he could still dream, couldn’t he? And he could still enjoy these two weeks to their fullest. He was hoping for a mixup, that somehow at the end of this he’d wind up stuck in this body, trapped on the island. It wasn’t very likely, but it sure was nice to think about.

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