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Friday, July 8, 2016


Dr. Benjamin Hall first saw the woman as his patient three months ago. She arrived claiming that she was actually actually a man and that someone had stolen her body. He sat in his leather chair and listened to her. He was sure she was disillusion, but she certainly seemed to believe her story. Each week, she told him more and more. Then one week, she arrived a half hour late for her session; she seemed happier than he had ever seen her. She explained that she found a way out; at first, Benjamin thought she meant suicide. However, instead she began reading off a note that she pulled from the back pocket of her tight leather pants.

Benjamin couldn’t quite piece what happened next. Things went blurry. The next thing he remembered was seeing his own face smiling over him.

“You never believed me,” His own face said, “But after all this time, I found the spell that swapped me into the body of this woman in the first place. It seemed only fitting to stick you with it.”

In shock, Benjamin watched his own body leave the room. He stood up slowly from his leather chair, with a feeling of discomfort with his new skin. He rubbed his hands over his new legs encased in the leather pants. He had become his own patient. She wasn’t lying! And now he was her!

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