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Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting that Money

When Franklin suddenly found himself on the street in a woman’s body, he wasn’t sure how it happened or even whose body it was. He couldn’t find a purse or anything in her pockets. The situation seemed problematic, but he tried approaching it in a pragmatic way. He realized the first thing he would probably need would be money. This proved to be easier to obtain than he expected. Easy, but a little humiliating. He’d went outside of a few strip clubs and offered the people leaving private dances in their apartments. He knew he had the advantage of being an attractive woman in this situation. He’d assure them he wasn’t a cop or a prostitute (though a few people did try to go too far, Franklin was always prepared for this). It wasn’t long before he had enough for a room to stay for a night with some leftover to search for the identity of who he was now. He just hated the way he had to go about getting that money.

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