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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gamer (Part 2)

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Jason felt strange as he stood up and walked around. Being a woman gave him a different sense of balance, and he wasn’t sure where he even was. After a bit more exploration, he found a sign. He had apparently awoken in a Buddhist temple. Luckily, as he explored the area, he found he was in Chinatown, not far from the university.

He considered this a small relief. He may have woken up as a video game character, but at least he hadn’t woken up in the world of a video game. After all, if he had woken up in a real life Street Fighter, he was pretty sure he’d be getting his butt kicked sooner rather than later.

He got more than a few stares on the street. He couldn’t blame them. He probably looked rather silly dressed up like this. He got a few smiles as well, but he wasn’t exactly in the mood for smiling back. He just wanted to get back to his dorm room to try to figure this all out...

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