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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

All Play and No Work

“I still can’t believe how drunk we got at the holiday party this year.” Brett told his co-worker, Rob.

“And I still can’t believe you were so hesitant when those chicks from the marketing department suggested we sneak down and use the body swapper the engineering team had been working on.” Rob shot back.

“I had no idea being in their bodies was going to be so much fun! I mean, how could I have known!?”

“Come on, you’ve never imagined anything like this? This is great!”

“No, I haven’t, but now that I know...heck, there’s no way in the world I am ever switching back.”

“...And we don’t have to either! These are our bodies now. Plus, I accidentally spilled beer on one of the consoles after we swapped. I got word it’s going to take them at least six months to get it back up and running.” “No complaints here...”

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