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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Tapes

Alex had been a star athlete in high school, but joining the college team proved to be a challenge that was much harder than he expected. In fact, he was performing so poorly in his first year that he was in danger of losing his scholarship. He needed some way to get better, and one of his teammates offered some help by giving him some hypnosis tapes that he said should improve Alex’s body. Alex was skeptical, but he was also desperate. After one night, Alex noticed a slight benefit to his agility. He began to listen to them non-stop. His agility continued to get better, but he swore he was losing muscle mass. Then one day, he changed completely. He was more agile and flexible now, but he was also a woman! Was this what his teammate considered “an improvement?” Maybe it was a trap to get rid of him as competition on the team. He needed to find a way to fix this and get back to normal...

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