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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Best Service

“I know what you’re thinking,” Frank said while watching a potential customer round the corner, “You’re wondering how a pretty little thing like me could possibly know anything about cars. Well, I certainly looked more like your typical mechanic before that whole Great Shift thing. It’s strange, I know. Believe me, it’s been even stranger for me! Of course, with so many people with swapped bodies, you’d think everyone would be used to it, but I guess not. Regardless, inside this cute body is over forty years of experience dealing with all sorts of problems. From transmissions to oil changes, trust me, I can handle it. I’ve even found certain benefits to these slender fingers. Some parts on these newer models had been hard to get to...not anymore. Leave your car with me, and I promise it will be the best service you ever got.”

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