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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A long night: A longer journey

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Over the next few weeks, Chuck had really gotten used to being in Diana’s body. Diana, meanwhile, was happy to play the role of “Daddy,” which meant she had to play with everything he did, including tinkering with the bodyswitching machine. Of course, Diana may have had her father’s body and her brain had quickly matured, but she still did not have his genius. Sparks starting flying out. Chuck heard an explosion and ran down out of curiosity. The machine forced Chuck’s soul right out of Diane’s body, but it didn’t return him to his own. The malfunctioning device shot Chuck’s soul clear across town, landing him in a stranger’s body. The speed was so quick and disorienting that Chuck quickly fell to the ground with his new body. Within a few moments, it was like Chuck’s mind rebooted. He no longer thought of playtime, but instead he was able to calculate complex equations in his head and ponder his scientific research on physics. His theory was successful: getting out of his young daughter’s body brought back his knowledge. But now he had to get back to the machine!


  1. Very good! Nice twist & Good use of pic. Great twists & turns in the tale. Thanks for continuing a series!