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Friday, September 23, 2011

Frequent flier

After many years of business trips and vacations,
Justin finally had collected a million miles, enough to enroll in the airline’s most exclusive benefits for frequent fliers. He was most excited about being able to fly anywhere in the world for free. He had no idea how they could afford it. He spoke with a representative about collecting his rewards, and she asked him if he had read all the terms and conditions. He claimed that he did, and she smiled as she lead him into what she claimed was a room for exclusive members like him. Inside it was pitch dark. He couldn’t see anything, but he suddenly felt strange. The lights came on, and Justin finally saw what happened. He body had been completely transformed into that of a busty blonde woman, and was wearing the uniform of the airline’s stewardesses. He felt a mix of shock and curiosity as he ran his hands all up and down his new body. The representative entered the room and asked where he wanted to go first. Justin could only scream about what had happened to his body, but the representative explained that it was all in the terms. He’d get free flights, but he’d have to work for them as a stewardess!