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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Amber was sick and tired of the workers at the construction site whistling at her as she walked by, so one day she had a plan. With a curse on herself, she walked passed. Gus was the first to whistle, and as he did so, he felt a severe pain run through his body, as if it was twisting itself about. It was actually reshaping into the form of a gorgeous blonde woman. He felt a prickle as long hair fell from his head, it felt like his upper chest was exploding as breasts fell out, and having his penis go away was beyond words. His new clothes fit his new body, with his construction outfit shrinking and tall hooker heels growing on his feet at the same time.


  1. I might have to try wolf whistling a witch, see if that happens to me :D

  2. Good story & use of pic. Those sure don't look like safety shoes!