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Saturday, September 17, 2011


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Not again!”

Seth screamed as he slouched down putting his hand on his hip. Two months ago he had signed up for a service that would pay him a hefty fee if he offered his body to be rented at any time for any length. The company told him that very few people rented them out and generally not for very long. No harm was allowed to be done to the rented body, and Seth would be in the renters body until the time was up. Very few people used the service, so it would be like getting a free paycheck for doing nothing. Seth was quick to sign, but his body got picked quickly. For the past two months, he had been inside the body of a middle aged, overweight housewife. Only five minutes after getting his body back, he was rented out again, causing his screams. But as he checked out his waifishly model-like body this time, he wanted to take back those words. He had lucked out, but he couldn’t imagine why a woman this hot would ever want to give up her body, or why she would want to live as him!


  1. Maybe its a mistake, fotunately for him ;) Another great caption, thanks!

  2. Excellent story & wonderful concept 'Rent a body' I thinks its LOL that he's spent the last 2 months as a middle aged house wife. ( I am assuming he's young man). This cries out for a sequel.

    Some guesses, she wants to try our being a man. She wants to eat some great meals, she avoiding a stauker or bad BF. She want to try & have sex with herself.