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Friday, September 9, 2011

The wager

Howard loved his wife’s large boobs, but she found them uncomfortable and was thinking about getting a breast reduction. He begged her not to. She thought about it and ultimately came up with a wager. For one week, the married pair would switch bodies. If Howard could go through the whole week without complaining about the weight of the breasts or how his back ached as a result of them, she wouldn’t get the procedure. Six days in, and Howard hadn’t complained a single bit. In fact, the plan may have really backfired. Howard wasn’t just keeping his mouth shut, he was actually enjoying himself! He not only didn’t want his wife to get the surgery, he wanted to keep her body (and her wonderful breasts) for himself!


  1. This is one of your best captions :) Who can blame him for wanting to keep her sexy body :D

  2. Fantastic caption! I always enjoy wager type caps. I know I would definitely enjoy myself in that body! Very hot!

  3. Both funny & charming. very good story & use of caption.

    I wonder if she will agree - the wife is complaing about her berasts?