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Monday, September 12, 2011


When Bill found the MAU device, he thought of a quick money making scheme. If a local business wanted a celebrity for a grand opening or special event, he would use the device and alter himself and make the appearance. He’d charge a fee much lower than the celebrity, but still pretty hefty for Bill. But then it stopped working, and Bill found himself stuck in one particular celebrity’s body. Considering he could no longer offer up the celebrity of one’s choice, his fee went down. Plus, he felt quite upset about the body he was stuck in...certainly not his favorite celebrity...


  1. Haha, great use of pic :) At least he's a hot babe, even if an unpopular one ;)

  2. ROFLOL! Great story & use of pic. I wonder if he tries & steal her life? Though he might give himself away by being able to read & write?

  3. I'd happily take that body, brains and all. Who needs to be clever when your Paris!

  4. Sorry, but who's the celeb?