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Friday, September 25, 2020


It had been an error, a simple miscalculation when activating his invention, but as a result, Milton had spent the past month waking up each day in a different body. In the first week, he calculated a way to stop the swapping at any time, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to increase the probability of getting back into his own body. By the two week mark, he realized he’d have to settle for a body that was merely suitable enough -- this, however, turned out to be quite difficult.

One day he woke up as a baby, the next an old man, and one day an adult film star. He was starting to think he’d be swapping forever. And one day he woke up the body of a woman around his same age. He dismissed it at first, he was pretty sure he didn’t want to be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life. But as the day went on, he realized it might not be so bad. She had mostly plain clothes, her proportions weren’t outlandish like a few bodies he had in the past, she seemed genuinely average. There was a comfort in average.

On the street, he looked down at his unremarkable outfit and decided this was it. This was the body he was going to keep. He only needed a few small parts to construct what he needed, then this would be who he was forever...

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