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Friday, September 11, 2020

Not Giving Up

It had been two months since that damned cab ride that temporarily swapped Garret into the driver’s body before then swapping with this woman. He absolutely hated being a woman. He always wore jeans and ball cap, often baggy clothes. The only hit of femininity were the high heels, which he only wore because he felt so much shorter as a woman than he had been. He didn’t want to be a woman, so he did everything he could to find that cab in order to swap back into a man’s body.

He first tried calling the city’s taxi commission. He had written down the number and license, but it didn’t correspond to any cab on record. He called every company, but still came up empty. Eventually, he just started standing on busy streets flagging down cabs. He was sure he’d remember what the driver looked like -- heck, he had been that driver for a few hours. When a taxi would stop, he’d check the number and the face or the driver. If neither matched, he’d let it go, explaining he changed his mind. The driver would usually curse him out for wasting time.

Garret realized he’d probably spent hundreds of hours hailing thousands of cabs at this point, but so far he hadn’t gotten into a single one. Not one matched the magic taxi that had picked him up two months ago.

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