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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 4)

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As Kelly left, Daniel sat down. The first thing he decided was that he was keeping the boots on. They were fine; he didn’t see what the big deal was. Chicks just wear things like this, right? Then he decided not to cancel any of her meetings. If Kelly could handle conference calls, so could he, right? Maybe he wouldn’t even agree to swap back when Kelly finds a way -- if she even finds a way! And that’s when he got a brilliant idea.

The flaw that swapped them had to be in the code somewhere. With Kelly’s password that she had given him to login, he could find it in even if it was in one of the restricted sections. Then he could move it some place she would never find it. They’d never be able to swap back. He’d be the boss for good!


  1. Thou he's her. and she's him. He has to adjust being a girl, a secret. And wearing dress too. While trying to find away to be himself again!