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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 2)

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Only a few minute later, Kelly came into the office. Daniel turned around.

“Oh, hello, Daniel,” He said, “Shouldn’t you be out in the open office area?”

“Cut the crap, Daniel,” Kelly sneered, “No one’s here yet; we don’t have to pretend --” She paused as she took note of what Daniel was wearing and quickly changed topics, “Didn’t I tell you explicitly NOT to go into the back my closet to find something to wear?”

“I must’ve misheard yesterday. I thought you instructed me to take things from the back to wear for work.”

Kelly seemed frustrated but also curious. She spoke softly, “You can probably get away with the leather skirt in the office, but those boots? I’m surprised you could even muster a slight heel.”

“I think it’s just muscle memory from having your body. It was kind of phenomenal how not difficult getting ready was. Also, just how often do you wear these sort of boots to have no problem walking in them?”

“Well, I don’t wear them to the office!”

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