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Sunday, September 27, 2020


William had gotten into witchcraft a few years ago, but he had never been particularly good at it. He kept practicing spells, but anything complex would fizzle out or underwhelm. Then he found a simple spell that would supposedly boost his powers. He went into the park in the middle of the night to cast it.

He blacked out and woke the next morning. He didn’t feel more powerful, but he did feel quite strange. As he looked down at his body, he realized why. The damn spell had transformed him into a woman! And not only that, he appeared to have a pretty nice body with a small, red, leather dress. He figured he must have messed up.

He sighed. But then he tried another spell -- teleportation to get back home. He knew it was a long shot, as that spell never worked for him; however, this time it did. It seemed weird, but maybe transforming into a woman was in fact, a way to boost his powers...

1 comment:

  1. Thou he had the ability, but his power was fair, he tried. and tried, could never really do more advance spells. that never really worked well, then he tried a transformation spell. He was changed into a girl, a real girl, after awhile before he realized it. He was a girl physically, genetically a girl, he started to think like a girl. After a few more moments. He tried to transport herself home, it work. Somehow it work. Maybe what happen to me, was a good thing!