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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Making a Plan to Cause Chaos

After receiving an odd package in the mail, Bret was certainly skeptical over the instructions inside that claimed the device within was a “body swapper.” He was pretty sure this had to be a prank, yet he was still curious. After a few days he finally brought the thing to a coffee shop where he aimed it at someone and hit the button. Sure enough, he was transformed into the barista behind the counter while she became him. He pressed several more times, swapping just about everyone in the place. When he finally stopped, he was in the body of an Asian woman who had been sitting just to the left of him. As he observed the scene he realized no one seemed to even notice. The barista with his body continued to serve coffee. The businessman with the barista’s body was screaming into his cell phone (although now with a much higher pitched voice) with no concern that he was wearing a uniform for a coffee shop instead of his suit. He wondered if he could make people realize the swaps, then he could really cause some chaos...

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