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Friday, December 28, 2018

Finer Points (Part 2)

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Nicholas twirled his hair and spun around in his chair. “Why would we do this?” He asked, still able to access his natural curiosity, “Why would we make me dumb? Did we have some sort of hippopotamus?”

“Hypothesis.” Benson corrected him, “And, oh, no, it was nothing that grand. Simply put, I’m going to take sole credit for this work, and I deserve it. You were coasting after your original discovery, and I was doing all the grunt work with the finer details. But those finer details were about 90% of the effort, and you wanted to split the credit equally. No way!”

Nicholas stared blankly at Benson. Even the simple numbers were a bit too difficult for him right now, but he could read Benson’s tone. “Why would you confess all this?” He asked.

Benson continued, “Because it doesn’t matter. I swapped you and Victoria weeks ago. And I keep plucking at your memories to make sure you’re dumber and dumber and not a threat to me anymore. The next step is to try to see if I can implant a brand new memory in there to make you believe something is true that isn’t. That something happened when it didn’t.”

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