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Monday, December 31, 2018


Connor knew he only had himself to blame. Genevieve had asked him not to kiss her at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but he did it anyway. The kiss triggered magic that swapped their bodies. Genevieve didn’t mind being in Connor’s body, but Connor didn’t want to be a woman. Genevieve broke the bad news that they couldn’t swap back, but told him that he could swap with a different guy with another kiss if he did it before the sun came up. So Connor puckered up and went out on the streets with a mission. After a few hours, he was still unsuccessful. Too many guys were with their girlfriends, a few more were just too drunk. Connor was close a few times, but chickened out feeling weird kissing another guy (even if he was a woman at the moment). He realized finding someone to kiss shouldn’t be hard, especially on New Year’s, but for some reason it was!

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