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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Job

As the holidays approached, Sam was in need of some extra cash. However, finding a part-time job proved to be difficult. His friend had told him about an opening at the mall for elves in the Christmas village they had set up. The only problem? At this point, they were only looking for females to fill the remaining rolls. Sam was desperate. He asked for help to pull off hair, makeup, padding, and more to pass as a woman. In the end, he was more than convincing and got the job on the spot. Being stuck as a holiday elf was certainly humiliating, and having to dress up a woman was just icing on that cake. The only plus side, he guessed, was that he was sure no one would ever recognize him. Each day when he went to work, he felt like he was going to cry, but he put on a smile and played his part as best he could...

1 comment:

  1. What Sam did not know was Santa was watching from the north pole and he found Sam to be naughty at first to lie about his gender to get a job but then Santa checked his list for the second time Christmas eve and found Sam on the nice list. Santa look into Sam's soul and found Samantha their and Sam to be gone. I know what I need to give Sam/Samantha Santa thought so on Christmas morning Samantha woke up and loved her new life everyone only knew Samantha not Sam, except for Sam and Santa. Sam spoke to the Christmas tree softly thank you for this gift and have a Merry Christmas Santa.