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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Let Me Explain

Miranda was horrified when she looked down at her own hands to see them old and wrinkled. Then she looked over to the bar at the bistro where she had been eating to see her own body smiling.

“Come over here and sit,” Her body said, “Let me explain.”

Miranda moved slowly in the old body she now inhabited. When she sat down, it was obvious to her that her new body was not only old, but it was also a man’s body. She sat silently as her body explained.

“I know it’s pretty shocking to find yourself in the body of an old man. I mean, I was shocked when it happened to me. I suppose it’s worse for you, considering you were a woman before. I didn’t want to be a woman; it’s just the way it turned out. The body you have now has an odd curse on it. It has the ability to swap bodies with other people. Not just anyone, mind you; it can only swap with certain people. You’ll just have to keep trying until you find someone, which I finally did when I found you. But obviously you can tel from the age of that body, you better act fast. I had a heart attack when trying to find someone, and the hospital told me it wasn’t that body’s first one either! I can’t fully explain how to swap with someone but you’ll just feel it. You’ll just know! Now, if you’l excuse me, I believe you have some work to do while I enjoy my new life as you.”

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