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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Finer Points (Part 4)

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Three months later, Nicholas sat on a couch in Benson’s apartment. He was excited as he wore his favorite little black dress for the event they would be attending.

“I’m so proud of this achievement, Darling,” He said to Benson, “You absolutely deserve this award. It’s such a breakthrough that you invented a procedure for swapping people’s brains! I mean, that’s just incredible.”

“It was a lot of work.” Benson replied, “Honestly, today feels like the best day of my life. Well, second best.”

Nicholas blushed before giving Benson a kiss, “Thanks. Marrying you two years ago was the best day of my life too.”

Benson knew the memory of a wedding he implanted Nicholas was a lie. Heck, he planted a lot of lies like how they first met, dates, and so on. He also forced a lot of feelings too, like unconditional love and devotion. And the amount he took away was even greater. Heck, Nicholas didn’t even realize his name was really Nicholas. But Benson had managed to not only eliminate his competition, but create himself a beautiful, dutiful wife in the process.

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  1. double wow! great series. Well at least the ew woamn is now vlissfully unawear & Happy. But I still wonder how the original is faring?