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Thursday, December 20, 2018


His first day at a new job started relatively normal for Nathan. He spent the morning sitting around as someone from IT set up his computer and email. But when he returned from lunch, he got a strange headache, and suddenly he found himself in a meeting filled with high level employees. He noted he was now wearing an expensive suit and realized the body he had was not his own. He attempted to just sit quietly and not panic as the meeting continued. Soon after, he experienced another headache and found himself swapped yet again with someone else. He now sat alone in a quiet office; no one seemed to be bothering him. Then the next headache came.

At this point, he was starting to know what to expect, but he was still a little surprised to find himself in a woman’s body for the first time. On this round, he was now standing in the lobby. He wondered what could be causing these swaps and if anyone else was affected. The office hadn’t devolved into chaos, so he couldn’t imagine they were too widespread. He figured he just needed to wait this out. But this time he waited and waited, and the headaches did not return. He was at a loss. He couldn’t go home like this!

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