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Friday, December 7, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 1)

Owen didn’t climb to C-Level at his work by accident. It was a crafty combination of shrewd business, being a little bit underhanded, and a slight amount of literal witchcraft. While a little insider trading helped his bottom line a little, a spell to see into the future helped a lot more. He was living comfortably and felt like no one could touch him -- in fact, he has a protection spell to make sure of it! The day things got weird started out normal enough, but as he was taking a breather between his mid-morning update and his first lunch meeting, he suddenly found himself swapped into the body of his own secretary!

He examined his smooth legs in shock. His first reaction was that his protection spell must have failed and that his secretary was actually a much more powerful spellcaster than himself. She must’ve devised this plan to steal his life and his money. And now he was suck as her! He’d have to get her back, but how could he if she was indeed as powerful as he thought she was?

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  1. well written, but I can't see any pic. Is that something deliberate or something in my compuy=ter?