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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Impossible Storm

As Charles stood there on the sidewalk feeling dumbfounded, he still couldn’t believe it was possible. And even if possible, having everything line up in a way that would work seemed statistically unlikely.

It had just started to rain when he pulled out his umbrella. Yet the storm came on fierce with thunder and lightning. A bolt struck his umbrella, but instead of electrocuting or killing him, the lightning must’ve also struck another person clear across town at the same time. The electrical current must’ve caused his brain to rewire itself, and he ended up swapping into this woman’s body, and presumably she was now in his.

As he stood there not quite sue what to do next, the rain let up and stopped. It was as if the storm had only existed to strike that lightning bolt and cause this body swap. Sure that seemed outlandish, but so did swapping into another person’s body!

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