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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Common Cents

Oscar knew he was an unattractive nerd; he had been his whole life. And as a man of science, he knew throwing some change into a fountain and making a wish would never work, but he still often did it. He would just toss in a penny or dime and wish he was more attractive. After dropping so much into so many fountains, he was really taken by surprise when he did so at one fountain and began reeling over in pain. He could quickly tell that his body was rearranging itself. As the pain subsided, he found that he was now indeed attractive, although certainly not in the way he would’ve expected. He was now a gorgeous blond woman in a skintight body suit. He quickly assessed that he should’ve made a more specific wish. At the very least he should’ve specified gender! Of course, with the outfit he had now, it was obvious he didn’t have more change to drop. He looked in the fountain itself, but it seemed completely clear. He was sure he just needed one penny and one more wish to fix this all, but he couldn’t find a cent around anywhere...

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