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Monday, November 19, 2018


Janice awoke first after the body swap. She stood over her former body in complete shock. It got even weirder when Luke awoke. Janice watched as a big smile came across her former face.

“This is the absolute best!” Luke exclaimed, “I can’t believe that weird spell worked.”

“Okay, it did,” Janice said nervously, “I know I was skeptical, but you proved your point. The spell worked; now swap us back.”

“That’s what makes the spell even better. It’s a one-time thing. I am now you and you are now me. Forever.”


  1. Now Janice was pissed at her younger brother because she had worked so hard to be on the college cheer squad, part of the Sorority. that she had slacked on her studies. Her mom and dad were pissed seeing she had been a 4.0+ GPA student in High school. one night they were talking to Luke "We wish your sister was like you and kept to her studies and not got involved with all that other stuff". Luke had always hated that Janice had everything and it was so easy where he was always compared to her and he got 3.8 GPA. He found a spell on line did not know it would work but now that it did he had everything the sexy body, cheer, sorority, and all he/she would have to do is bring up her grade from a 3.5 to the 3.8 and her mom and dad would be happy. Janice in Luke's body had to finish high school then go into the Marines like their dad.

  2. great pic & good story. NOt a good friend

  3. I'm not able to see any of your old pictures. Is there another place to find them?