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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Universal Remote

When Alex got the odd remote in the mail, he found it hard to believe the instructions that were included. According to the manual, the remote could swap any aspect of any two people (personality, body, clothes, and so on) with or without their knowledge. It didn’t even seem possible, but Alex still felt curious enough to test it out. He went to the park and saw some guys playing basketball on the court while some women were taking photos of each other’s outfits not far away. He decided to use the remote to swap one of the women with one of the guys, both body and clothes but also make them completely unaware of it.

Alex’s eyes went wide as the two actually swapped places. There was now a guy snapping photos with the rest of the women while one of the women was now on the court. What was most amazing to him was that the guy on the court now with a woman’s body didn’t seem at all affected by it. He was still able to play as well as ever. He was sure the lack of a sports bra might be a problem and it didn’t even seem possible for him to run well in the long, tight skirt. Yet somehow he managed effortlessly. Alex was transfixed for so long that it was a solid hour before he even remembered that the remote was what caused this, and he realized the power to make things a lot more interesting now rested in his hands...

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