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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Goof Offs

Tony had always considered himself a hard worker. For the past twenty years, he had been working at the loading docks, and he’d always have to yell at the other guys not to mess around. It was one of those times he caught sight of a few goofoffs actually going into one of the shipping containers. He thought it was bad enough they managed to knock the thing open, but they should’ve at least had the common sense to just lock it back up and keep it moving. But as he went to go yell at them, he caught a glimpse inside to see the men gawking at a large piece of state of the art tech. Just as he was about to shout at them, one of the men hit a button on the device. A bright light shot out of the container blinding Tony, the other men, and several other people not far away. Once Tony regained his vision, he realized he was quite far from where he had been. In fact, he was well outside the dock’s gates. And even weirder, he was now in the body of a woman! It took him a few more minutes to just absorb the situation before he decided to run back to where he had been. It was quite difficult with heels now on his feet, but it seemed many people were now gathering at the fence. It seemed that inside the container had been some sort of body swapping device, and one of his idiot co-workers had turned it on. Tony had been swapped with a passer-by, and it seemed he was one of quite a few people who had been hit. As soon as he could figure out who was who, he was ready to start yelling at people for messing around.

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