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Friday, November 16, 2018

The Plot

Kevin was shocked to wake up on the morning of his wedding inside the body of his fiancee’s maid of honor. He could only assume it was weird cosmic fluke like out of a movie. But after a quick phone call to her, he soon learned it was a plot to steal the love of his life away from him. He knew he had to act fast. His wedding was in a few hours, but this body did offer a few advantages. For one, his fiancee was traditional, so she’d refuse to be seen by her soon to be husband before the wedding, and she’d be getting ready with none other than her maid of honor. This was Kevin’s window. He’d have to use that time to convince her who he really was, explain the whole plot, and come up with some sort of plan. He wiggled into the uncomfortable bridesmaid dress, ready to see his fiancee and get her to understand what had happened...

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