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Friday, March 29, 2013

Brat zap

Ethan had just left the mall and entered the parking lot to get back to his car when a kid pointed what looked like a toy gun at him. He thought it was cute and let out a chuckle, but when the kid zapped the gun, Ethan was surprised by the effects. The thing was some sort of weird body-swapping gun! The kid just kept zapping Ethan, swapping him into all sorts of different bodies and surely mixing up everyone in the parking lot. Ethan finally managed to slip away and hide behind a car while he was in the body of a hot Hispanic woman. After a bit of consideration, he decided his best course of action was to slip away with this borrowed body. He really couldn’t imagine that brat zapping him back to his own body, and he decided this was about as good as it could possibly get!


  1. He should definitely keep that sexy body, great use of pic :D I love captions with body swapping devices.

  2. Good storyh & very good use of pic