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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Tin Man

When Dorothy returned to Oz, it wasn’t exactly a happy ending. She found her old friend, The Tin Man, and he told her how the wicked witch had been revived and was wreaking havoc. When she became away of the Kansas girl’s presence, she cast a spell on her and her metal friend, merging the pair into one person. The Tin Man was shocked. The first thing he noticed was a real heart beating in his chest! And actual FLESH! And what flesh it was! He had Dorothy’s shapely curves. While he enjoyed being a real human. He knew he had to end the curse, for Dorothy’s sake! As long as he was in control, it was like she didn’t exist! Though he certainly didn’t know what good he’d be with this fleshy body!


  1. Yeah, grat use of picture! Body merges are sexy. Keep 'em comining!