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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A long night: The next morning

For Part One, please Click Here!

Chuck, now in the body of his 17-year old daughter Rebecca, was
working hard to get the bodyswitching device up and running again.
Meanwhile, Rebecca (in her 8-year old sister Diane's body) was out
searching for Diane, who had run off in Chuck's body. Early the next
morning, Rebecca rushed in with bad news for Chuck, who was
drilling a few final screws into place which he had hoped would
end his laborous night. Apparently, Diane had been hit by a car and
was now in the hospital; however, worse yet, with no legal guardian,
the state was sending child protestion workers over to the house to
pick up what they thought were two unsupervised, underage
girls. Chuck knew he had to hurry to get at least Rebecca back to her
own body! He resolved that he would be stuck as Diane until he
could get his own body out of the hospital. [LINK]

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