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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swappers Club (Part 1)

Wayne had paid a hefty premium to be a member of the Swappers Club. The society never gathered together in a single place, but once every two months a few members would go to various places throughout the world where they would go and switch bodies with someone else in a different location for a week. Wayne sat down at the agreed upon spot where the number 21 was dropped in front of him. It meant he would swap with whoever got the matching number. He took a deep breath in before momentarily becoming disoriented. He was now in a new location and in a new body. He saw the number 21 still on the table in front of him, but he also saw his new body. For the first time, he was a woman! He wondered if she had work done. He figured seemed almost cartoonish--with an impossibly skinny waist and a rather large chest. He hadn’t been a member for very long, but his previous swaps had all been with other men. He figured being a woman from time to time was inevitable. It should be interesting. Plus, it was only for a week!


  1. very good start, excellent story.PLS continue

  2. Cool club, good start for a interesting story.