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Friday, April 24, 2009

A long night: The next day

For Part One please click here.
For Part Two please click here.

After Chuck took care of the final few screws, he was ready to give Rebecca her body back. Pulling a few knobs, he activated the machine. At about the same time, two workers from Child Protective Services were knocking on the door. Another incorrect calculation on Chuck's part caused him and his daughter to be swapped with the two workers. Chuck had been in daughter's body for a night, so he was used to being female, but Rebecca flipped when she discovered she was in a man's body, complete with penis. Chuck quickly calmed her down and came up with a plan. They tied their old bodies up in the baement and returned to the government agency to report that they couldn't find the children. After a series of boring meetings, they were free to return to the bodyswapping machine... [LINK]

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