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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A long night: A new plan

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Over the next few hours, Chuck started to become mobile again. He lifted himself up of the floor and began to think of a plan. Right now, there was no telling how many people had gotten close enough to be affected by his machine, or even what its range was. Plus, he wouldn’t be able to get close enough to turn it off without being swapped into another body far away. He’d have to turn off the power to his house--perhaps the entire block or neighborhood--from as far away as possible. He could try to talk with the electric company, but he doubt they would take him seriously looking like he did right now.


  1. WONDERFUL CONTINUATION!!! Chaos reigns, I love it, multiple...random swpas are my favorite, please continue it :) He should like being in that sexy ebony body ;)

  2. What a fascinatin g tale, well thought out. hanks for continuing it. Also, great use of pic