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Friday, December 23, 2016

In the Kitchen

It was weird for Lance to suddenly find himself in a fancy kitchen. Stranger still, he was in the body of a woman with a leather dress and high heel shoes. Was this her house? Was he expected to be making breakfast or something? He breathed a sigh of relief when a stout, slightly older, Latina woman walked int he door.

“Oh, thank God,” He said as he put his hands on his hips, “A maid. I was worried I was going to have to do some sort of women’s work.”

“Maid? Women’s work?” The woman questioned, “Maybe if you turned on a TV or something, you might’ve heard about the Great Shift. You swapped into my body. I swapped into this body. She’s not a maid. I don’t even have a maid! But what? Because you saw a Hispanic woman, you thought she was a maid? And women’s work? No, I don’t sit around in the kitchen making sandwiches for my husband all day simply because I’m a woman. He can make his own damn sandwiches. But, if you must know, my husband does expect some womanly pleasure from me each night. You just better hope that whatever new body he got from the Shift isn’t interested in tha now. Or you can hope that he just might not be interested in my body due to the fact that it is you inside, but I’d still prepare yourself.”

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