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Monday, December 26, 2016

Hot Spot

Exchange Island sure had changed from the last time Carl had visited. Over the course of a year, it seems that the odd vacation spot started to attract a lot more hipsters and young people. Despite the fact that it made the beach a lot more crowded, Carl couldn’t complain, because it simply meant that his odds of getting a fantastic youthful body were that much better. Sure enough, after checking in, he swapped bodies with a young Asian woman on the beach where a lot of people were riding bikes.

It was more than enough to make Carl smile. He loved coming to the island and finding himself as a 20-something again; he even more enjoyed being a woman this time around. The one thing he was a little less sure of was the fashion that some of these young people wore. The top didn’t exactly seem like something he could go swimming in, but the bikini bottoms certainly did. Then there were the boots; they weren’t exactly great for walking on the sand. He hoped that he was able to find something a bit less crazy in this young woman’s suitcase. Then again, there were also a few shops on the island, just in case people found themselves with a wardrobe that they simply found to be unwearable. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but if this first outfit was any indication...

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