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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hipster (Part 1)

Without a care in the world, Jason wandered down the street on the sunny Saturday. His up-and-coming neighborhood was filled with hipster parents, recent graduates who were working in the finance industry like him, and plenty of weirdos. He spied a blond woman in a short dress and did a double take to check out her ass. In that moment, he wasn’t looking where he was going and he ran into someone else. The bump must’ve done something extremely weird, as he was shocked to learn that it somehow caused him to swap bodies with the person he had run into, a weird Asian woman with dyed tips and a leather skirt. As he examined his new long hair, his jaw dropped in shock.

The woman he swapped with seemed to be very calm about the whole thing. She began to surmise about Reiki, the life force, and other hippie-esque nonsense.

Jason did his best not to criticize her, as she explained some basic things about herself. Her name was Miyoko; she lived about a block away; she didn’t have a job, but her parents were rich, so it really wasn’t a problem. Jason explained his own life as well. He lived a few blocks in the other direction. He feared describing his job, thinking Miyoko would never be able to cut it.

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