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Monday, December 5, 2016


Carter stood in front of the lecture hall frozen. He was thinking about how this happened; it still seemed impossible. He had shown up to Professor Pak’s office hours yesterday for help in her Astronomy class. She could see he was struggling and decided to offer some advice. After reaching up a shelf, she pulled down a small rock, explaining that it was the piece of a meteorite she had gotten to study. They were still unsure of its origins and even the material didn’t seem natural. Then the rock did something that shocked both of them; it began to glow. Then the glow engulfed both of them, swapping their bodies.

Carter was in a panic as he suddenly found himself in Professor Pak’s body. She was a bit more measured, examining the rock as if it had just given up a revelation. She told Carter that she’d bring the rock to an associate for further study, in hopes of figuring how they triggered this and how to control it. Further, she explained that Carter would have to pretend to be her in the interim and not speak a word to anyone about the swap. He protested. How could he pull off being her. He was so close to failing the class; how could he possibly teach it! She quipped back that she had full faith in his ability to understand the material; he just lacked the confidence. What better way to apply the proper pressure than to have him teach it?

It was difficult for Carter to fall asleep. He felt so awkward with Professor Pak’s feminine body. It was even more awkward to shower and get dressed the next morning. However, all of that awkwardness paled in comparison to standing up in front of that lecture hall trying to figure out how to deliver the daily lesson.

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