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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


“Don’t you own ANY shoes without a heel?” Greg chuckled as he held two different shoes up, “I mean, come on, these are sneakers, and they still have a heel!”

“They’re called wedges,” Laura answered flatly, “You’ll need to learn that sort of thing if you don’t want to arouse any suspicion while we’re swapped. And, yes, every shoe I own has some sort of heel to it. Now that you’re in my body, you can probably tell how short it is. I need the extra height.”

“Believe me, no one want to swap bodies back more than I do. But who cares if you are short? Women are short! That’s just the way it is! And who cares if I don’t know the different between a pump and a wedge or a heel or whatever!?”

“Because, trust me, everyone I know will realize something is up. You’re the one who wanted to keep this body swap secret, so make the effort to keep it secret! It’s going to be a long two days otherwise.”

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