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Friday, December 30, 2016

Bad Deal

Jared burst out in laughter when Victoria approached him and asked if they could swap bodies back. They had swapped bodies a year ago upon her request, and in that time Jared had gotten quite comfortable with her body, now basically seeing it as his own.

He had known it was a bad deal for her from the start. She was having a hard time with her first year of college. She just wanted to be older, so she did a bit of research to find the body swapping spell, then she asked her uncle, Jared. He couldn’t figure out why she wanted to swap with him. He was twenty years older and stuck in a dead end job. He knew that college would offer a lot of possibilities, but it meant being a woman; it meant beign Victoria. In the end, he determined the trade off was worthwhile and agreed.

Now it seemed Victoria was having a bit of buyer’s remorse. She had thought being in the work force would be better than attending classes; she was wrong. Jared told her that he tried to warn her, a secure job wasn’t the same thing as a good job, and being older wasn’t all that great either. She hadn’t listened.

The spell required both parties agree to the swap. Jared laughed again. He would never agree to go back to his old life. He loved being Victoria, and he loved the world of possibility open before him.

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