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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mechanic (Part 2)

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It didn't bother Kurtis one bit that he was a woman now. He was still the best mechanic in town, and his gender didn't change that one bit--though he did go by "Kristen" now. It was been about a month after the Shift when he finally met the woman who used to own the body that was now his. She screamed when she first saw her old body in coveralls on the ground working on a car. Kurtis approached the situation calmly. There was nothing he or anyone else could do about what happened as a result of the Shift; he didn't understand why she was freaking out. The woman considered her skin too soft to be doing manual labor; her hands too dainty. Kurtis simply stated he was never so sexist; there was nothing a man could do that a woman couldn't. He didn't need a worldwide bodyswap to know that.

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