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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nigerian scam

Ken should've known better. He had been vacationing in Nigeria when a woman came up to him. She offered him three million dollars to switch bodies with her for a day. He was suspicious for for several reasons, but she quickly produced the cash in a briefcase and a strange medallion. He was giddy when she handed him the cash and tingled when she touched the medallion to him. He freaked out the next day when he arrived where they were supposed to meet to swap back, and the woman with his body was a no-show! A messenger gave Ken a letter, stating that the woman had to flee the country with his body, but the medallion was hidden under a rock by the coast. He'd have to use it to switch into another body and meet her overseas. However, when he arrived he couldn't find no sign of the medallion! He had been scammed out of his body; just wait until he finds out the cash is counterfeit!

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