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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dr. Louis Franklin was a leading oceanographer, a member of a team of scientists reponding to an strange phenomenon. Fishermen off the coast of a Pacific island had been alarmed when the entire catch of fish had been female...not a single male fish in the nets at all. Many were concerned about what this meant for future fish populations in the region. Many scientists on the team of experts were concerned with taking samples and testing, but Dr. Franklin wanted to examine the fish still in the ocean. He put on his wetsuit and drove in, surprised that every fish he found also appeared to be female. He swam back to shore where he received strange stares from the rest of his team. His wetsuit had been skintight, so the changes to his body were immediately apparent to them. But for Louis, it wasn't until he peeled off the suit that he noticed the changes. He now had firsthand evidence that there was something in the water that transformed the gender of male fish, and apparently humans weren't immune!

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