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Monday, February 1, 2010

Malfunction (Part 1)

It was groundbreaking when the University announced that they had developed a device that could swap personalities (or parts of) between two people. Hundreds volunteered for the first experiment--mainly because of the financial incentive--but the two chosen first were a shy, studious Asian woman named Ling and a sexy, outgoing member of the cheerleading squad named Katy were chosen. The researchers had prepped everything for the day as the two women entered the machine, but there was one thing they hadn't planned on. Scott Drueger, head of the school's undergrad Science Club, had been furious he wasn't selected for the initial experiment, and planned to sabotage it. He was sure that his re-wiring would go unnoticed if it were done only a few minutes before the test was to begin. His hid in nearby room where much of the massive circuitry for the machine was housed, but his timing was off as the machine was activated as he worked to sabotage it. A side effect that no one predicted took place. While two women entered the machine, only one exited. The woman looked mostly like Ling, but a little shapelier and sexier, and clearly wearing Katy's clothes. She was instantly flirtatious but also quite intelligent--seemingly a mix of the personalities of both Katy and Ling. The immediate question for researchers was who's memories did she have? Who did she think she was? Ling or Katy? Or was it some combination of the two? The woman seemed hesitant to answer the question. The truth was that the woman didn't feel much like Ling, Katy, or a combination. But to admit who she was? Well, she couldn't imagine the trouble she'd be in if she told them the truth. Inside of that head, despite having many of the personality traits of both Ling and Katy, she could only think of herself as who she really KNEW she was: Scott Drueger!

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