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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Malfunction (Part 4)

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Scott felt like he was doing pretty well living Ling's life, taking her classes, and fitting in with her friends, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that he also had to deal with large chunks of the ditzy cheerleader Katy's personality mixed in with everything. After a few days, the researchers called Scott back. They had discovered the rewiring that caused the malfunction to merge the two women, but they also discovered a third unknown person (Scott knew that they were refering to him) that got melded together. They asked if he was aware of a third personality.

He decided to continue to play dumb, "Oh my God! Totally creepy! You mean there could be someone else inside here too and junk? I wouldn't feel it, you know? I mean, I don't feel Katy, but she has a total influence and stuff. Like, just listen to my voice, and check out this totally cute skirt! I don't think I ever would've worn something so cute a week ago--but don't I look so hot!?"

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