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Friday, February 5, 2010

Popular (Part 5)

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Jeremy was dropping off the items he bought for his family when he heard a familiar voice, "How could you do that?" There was a pause. "How could you break me up with Chad!?"

Jeremy turned around to see his old body, "Wait, what? Were you following me tonight?'

"Of course I was! You've ruined my reputation and my life, but I'm just glad you haven't done anything to my body! How could you--"

"Oh, shut up, Megan. Just shut up." Jeremy flicked Megan off, "I'm in your body; you're in my body. I don't know how we swapped, and I don't know how to swap back. We're both going to be living new lives now. Go back into my apartment with my parents...or should I say YOUR apartment with YOUR parents, because that's your life now! I'm going to go to MY parents giant house now. Don't try to tell anyone what happened; they'll think you're crazy, and you know it!"

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